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Big Leap Home

Welcome to Big Leap Home

A gathering space for Hendricks Institute and Foundation for Conscious Living Community

About Us

We're creating a new context for living that supports individuals, communities and organizations to experience being real, shifting from blame to wonder and connection through caring and appreciation.

We are passionately committed to generating a worldwide community of people with whom we can explore new heights of love, co-creativity, and well-being.

Why Join Us?

We invite you to join us in collaborate with us to create a caring community where we discover and learn together. You'll hear about the latest seminars, online classes and opportunities for presence, connect and play. 

We'll be sharing videos, blogs, and other resources to assist you in expanding your capacity for love, abundance, and creativity and inspiring others to do the same. You’ll be able to generate and track co-creative projects with other members of the community and support the ripple of our work in the world.

A Big Thanks

We appreciate you for joining our grand vision of powerful ideas in motion.